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FEMA has recertified our community as a No Flood zone.  You can review the document below.  All of the Plums are mentioned on pages 2 and 3.

FEMA Recertification Letter 2014

SHUTTER REPLACEMENT:  If you have lost one or both shutters, you can replace them at Home Depot.  The product is Builders Edge 15' x 55' raised panel vinyl exterior shutter.  They come in pairs and the are $49.98 on the website with free shipping. 

FENCE REPLACEMENT:  If you are going to replace your fence, please remember you must fill out an ACC form, which you can find on the Document page, and submit it for approval.  Remember we no longer approve wooden fences.  The only fence type that we are approving are 4' green chain link fences or white solid panel vinyl fences.  If you replace your fence without approval from the Board and it does not meet requirements, you risk having to remove it and replace it with an approved fence.

SPEED HUMPS: After a lengthy discussion between the board and homeowners who attended the meeting, it was decided that we will install speed humps on Santa Rosa Dr., S. Golden Beauty, E. Plum Harbor Way and Plum Isle Way.  We will gauge how well they are working to evaluate if we need to install on other streets.  For your guidance this will not affect the monthly maintenance.