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Board meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of January, March, May, July, September and November (subject to change with notice)at the main swimming pool.  The Budget meeting is held in December.  Additional meetings can be called as necessary.  All meeting dates and times are posted at the entrances to the community.

Plum Harbor HOA Board Members

Donna Friscia
Merrill Sheedy                                                                                           Mike Rubino

Landscape and Lawn Service Schedule

Schedule change due to Rain                                                                     Lawn Trimming will be done on Feb. 12 and 28                                         ShrubTrimming will be done on Feb. 14                                                        Weed and Fertilizer treatment will be done on Feb. 1 and 2.  Leave your gates open.

Please make sure your gates are unlocked during the scheduled maintenance and that any lawn ornaments or lighting is removed.  Neither the maintenance company nor the association is responsible for damage to lawn ornaments or lighting that is not removed..                   

2018 Harbor Projects

Speed Humps - Due to speeding on the Plum Harbor streets the board is considering adding speed humps to regulate traffic speed.  We will discuss the locations at the June meeting.  If you want to contribute to the conversation, please attend the meeting.  Approved and waiting Permit.

Painting - This project is approved and we are waiting on a start date.  We will use the existing paint colors.  If you want a different color on your door(s) and shutters, you will get the opportunity to select a new one before the project starts.

This list will be updated throughout the year as we finish projects and add new ones.  Stay tuned


Rentals - We have been notified that a unit in Plum Harbor is being rented out on a weekly basis as a vacation destination.  It is not permitted to rent properties in this community without application firstly and secondly it is not permitted to rent as short stay vacation property.  If you think there is a similar situation happening with a unit by you, please let the Property Manager know.  

                       WELCOME BOOKLET

Whether you are new to the community or not, this welcome booklet will be very useful in answering most of your questions. 

Certificate of Insurance for Plum Harbor HOA

EOI Direct provides around-the-clock online access to insurance information for  homeowners in need of Master Policy data insured through our broker, Mack, Mack & Waltz 

To request a Certificate of Insurance call the number  below or request it on line following these instructions

Visit www.eoidirect.com.  Follow the links to register and write down your User ID an Password s you can longin to your account when prompted.  There is a delivery chargefor mortgagee clause additions, but there is no cost to register for this service and Master Policy information is available free of charge online.  Once you have logged on to your account, click "Evidence of Insurance" to search and access the association policy information.

EOI Direct Phone 877-456-3643  Fax 208-694-3848